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What is number one?
[5 reasons]

"There is no doubt that KOSAL is coming or is considering coming."
There was a track record of ALLEGREZZA of the previous group who had to quit due to various things,
From there, it was upgraded with sales and management methods that had not been done before.

As the options of facilities and other companies' KOSAL increased,
Those who have come from the old days rushed in, and many new ones have come.
I'm briefly describing the reason why we are definitely ^^


During the Allegrezza era, the capacity to mobilize about 500 slots per week. Originally it became a community of more than 3,000 accounts in the mixi community, and it spread from there. For this reason, many people who play futsal in the Kansai area have heard of allegrezza and the organizer's mixi name.


2. System (injury prevention and handling)
It is Allegrezza that considers a level division for beginners who wants to kick the gathered 20 people comfortably or to sweat with moderate sweat. I think there are things that are not very interesting at KOSAL and are given instructions. We always call for a prohibition such as strong hits or giving instructions in advance, and the operator always keeps watching the court while making a self judge.


3. Connection
The purpose is different depending on the person, such as whether you want to connect the pass or dribble or shoot, but the operator also speaks out and the participants also say "Nice shoot!" It has become an environment where communication can take place naturally and is closer to futsal where friends can play. Many of the teams that made friends have made a lot of connections so far.


I have worked in places where many rich people and celebrities come to the store, and I care about customers. I am humble and playful. Although we do not have the stiffness of a hotel, we think that many people can judge everything with just one greeting. I feel that the participants are only first-class (professions and positions, soccer and futsal careers, abilities and human power). We are blessed with good luck, and above all, everyone is excited.


5. Spread as futsal
Futsal has its own tactics, movements and rules. We strive not only for mini soccer but also for futsal. For this reason, we follow the minimum rules such as the 4 second rule, the 5m rule, and the back pass. Although I'm immature in a short period of time, I myself have also experienced the Futsal Adult League, and the number of members who have created and introduced teams and joined the Adult League is over 100.

Although there are still parts that are not enough, we operate with consideration for beginners. And there is still a lot of attention, but we will continue to create an environment where we can update and enjoy it every day! If you are a first time visit first two or three times and experience the futsal at OSAKA YURU KOSAL ^^


■Published in magazine "Sakai City Walker"

■ note: Contributed to theフットサル魅力発信サイト!
Entrance where individual participation is like futsal
-Expanding the base with management updates-
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