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Q. Where can I make inquiries?

 If you tap the line mark on the top right of the HP top, the line ID and e-mail address of the representative are described. The email address is

Representative ⇒ Kitamoto

Q. What is "KOSAL"?

An abbreviation for futsal that can be participated by individuals, that is, alone! It is a futsal game with the members gathered. Feel free to come when you want to exercise!


Q. Is "OSAKA YURU KOSAL" a futsal facility person?

No, we have a tie-up, but like all of you, we rent facilities courts and gather there in KOSAL format to do business. Therefore, please refrain from direct inquiries to the facility.

Q. How old can I join?


Considering the safety aspect of playing with adults, in principle,

junior high school students and above can participate.

Q. Please tell me the age group and level of the participants!

The age group varies from day to day, but on average I think it's in the late 20's to mid 30's. Many teenagers have come, and the top half is in their 50s. The level varies depending on the day and the way people feel differs depending on the person, but it is said to be high on average. We do our best to mutter the # expected level of the day on twitter, but if you are worried please feel free to contact us. A variety of people from kicking the ball for the first time to experienced players and Japanese national players are coming.

Q. What is the percentage of women?

Although this also varies depending on the day, I think that it is about 1-2 people per holding on average. If you have a woman in the nickname you enter at the time of reservation, please write as a woman because you want many women to come to the event where women participate in The percentages are listed each time.

Q. Can beginners participate?

You can participate! In the event of gathering more than 16 people, before the start on the day on the day, the category is divided into "I want to kick loosely" or "I want to sweat moderately" recommended for beginners. If you are unsure about your level, you may want to kick on the "slow" side. In addition, various considerations are given, such as giving no instructions to strangers or saying "Please enjoy without scoring or losing". Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about your level.

Q. Can I participate with my friends?
Can I play on the same team as my friends?

Join with friends! For example, if you have a total of three people, please make a reservation with three people at the time of reservation. We try to play with the same team as much as possible.

* (Method) If 20 people are gathered, there is a game between 10 people in each category relaxed or decent. For this reason, the first category is "1", "2", "1", "2", etc ... However, if the same team is good for 4 people for 2 hours, the remaining one will play the same team with the stranger who gathered friends all the time, so if there is anyone who knows locally, etc. We will do all we can to find the remaining one.

Q. How do I make a reservation?

Tap on "予約はこちらから" on the HP top page and select the desired date and time from the item "Calendar" to proceed. Please make sure that there are no mistakes in the reservation date, place, number of people, etc. If reservation is troublesome, we will make a reservation on your behalf even if you contact us by line. However, please understand that you may not be able to reply immediately during operation.

Q. How do I cancel a reservation or change the number of people?

It is possible from the e-mail received when the reservation is completed. However, please feel free to contact us if you have not received the e-mail or if you have any trouble. I will do it for you.

Q. Can I join a team?

Is possible! If you can take 5 people at the time of booking, we will fix the team for 2 hours. For example, if you find an acquaintance in the field, it is okay if you ask the management staff that you want to join the team with these five people before starting. And we will listen to the desired category, but please understand that if you are relaxed and your wish is too strong, you may need to move around. Also, even if the team reserves 5 frames and 6 people come, if you can rotate freely, the fee is fine for 5 people.

Q. Can I just participate in the event of full capacity?

We are sorry, but we do not want to hold futsal for 6 people vs. 6 people as much as possible, so we have proposed other holdings. If you have already booked one slot as described above, you can play with two friends in turn. In the event of a cancellation, you can also use the “Cancel Waiting” message that informs you that you can make a reservation now.

Q. Where should I go on the day? Can I be late or leave early?

Come to the local court on the day before the opening time as a guide. There is no need to go to the facility reception. If there is a vacancy in the court of the previous time, you can use the coat as an up from 15 minutes before the holding time. Late participation or early departure is also possible. If you leave early, I would like to tell the staff, "I will return in the next game."

Q. How do you proceed on the day?

(For example, starting at 9:00) If there is space on the court, you can warm up on the court from 8:45. Please use it because multiple balls are rolling. Starts at 9:05. We have you gather and divide category. Depending on the mood and level of the day, please move to "I want to relax" or "I want to sweat moderately". If you do not divide, you will play as a round robin. After the end, please come home so that there is nothing left behind because it will be free dissolution.

Q. When does the cancellation fee start?


It occurs 12 hours before the holding time. For example, in the case of 21:00 holding time, if you cancel after 9:00 in the morning on that day, you will be charged the price you plan to receive as the cancellation fee. However, there is no charge if the canceled person finds an alternative and returns to the number of slots reserved 12 hours before the event.

In case of booking more than 5 slots, all cancellation fee will be charged from the day before. For example, in the case of January 2nd, if there are 4 slots after 0:00 on January 1st, a fee for one slot will be charged.

If you can participate in less than one month, it is fine to come again when you come back. If you exceed one month, you can pay by bank transfer.






Q. Please tell me the address of the facility

ネット予約はこちら, tap the place you want to join on this screen and the detailed information of the facility is described. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Q. Is it okay to pay the participation fee on the day?

It is all right on the day! We accept cash or paypay. Before the start, each party prioritizes the preparation, and since the start, we look at the atmosphere of each category at least one game at a time, so we call each time a few games after the start from here.

Q.Is it possible to participate after 9:00 and 11:00?

It is possible! Please make a reservation for each one. If two hours aren't enough, some people will be joining each time.

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